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Do you have a whole estate to manage and don’t know where and how to sell the contents of the house? What is the best way to sell antique furniture, fine art, decorative arts, jewelry & watches, books, and collectables in Canberra?  Find out why you should choose Deceased Estate Canberra and how we can save you time and money.


While antique auctions in Canberra are most associated with bidding live at an auction house, most likely a salesroom of the auctioneer with audience of bidders present, there are also online auctions.

Online or live auctions are a unique way of selling almost any type of personal property, including household items, collections and antiques. There are massive amounts of preparation and research you should do before selling at auction, such as choosing an appropriate auctioneer, taking photos and appraising each and every object you want to sell. Unfortunately, time literally is money, as after all this work it also takes time for auctioneers to advertise and you to carry and maintain these properties, not to forget the commission rates. The law of supply and demand applies to auctions and there is a correlation between the types of items available (and the amount of them on the market) and economic conditions, so you may not achieve the price you were hoping for once “the hammer falls”.

The buyers are there because they hope they will get the item at a bargain and the sellers are putting it to auction in the hope that they will sell it at a premium. Only one party can be right, but which one?


Although planning and running a garage sale takes up a lot of time and work, you don’t have to pay anyone a commission on the money you make. The amount of stuff you have is probably completely overwhelming, and going through it is exhausting, back-breaking and consuming work and it takes a lot of preparation, organizing and pricing. You also have to advertise your sale, haul everything outdoors and set it up in an appealing way, and sit there all day selling your stuff. Not to mention the fact that there will inevitably be items left over at the end of the day that you will still have to handle. Also, garage sale shoppers are notorious bargain hunters, so if you were hoping to get a decent amount of cash for a few bigger-ticket items (for example, antiques and musical instruments), you might want to consider some other options.

You will make money, but probably not as much as you would make at your job for the number of hours involved.


You may think of selling a full content of a house as a large garage sale of your second hand items in Canberra, which makes you feel that they you can handle it on your own. In some cases that may be the right choice, but in the majority of situations, these sales are more successful when they are managed by a professional company.

Furniture is a household item we continually replace as our family needs and decor styles change. For obvious reasons, getting rid of second hand items in Canberra can be a challenging task. So, if you have the time to prepare and transport all your second hand items and inevitably wait for an auction with unpredictable results, then furniture auctions in Canberra are one of your choices.

Let Deceased Estate Canberra make this process as smooth as possible for you and save you time and money. One call can do it all! We start with a complimentary on-site evaluation, during flexible hours scheduled at your convenience.

Before selling your antiques in Canberra you need to know their real value and what is considered to be rare. We have more than 30 years in the second hand industry and we know the real value of your items. Get in touch with us and we will make you an offer for the following:



Thinking of selling your vintage furniture in Canberra? Maybe you landed your dream job clear across the country or you finally decided that the new purchased sofa is completely not your taste. Whatever your predicament, you have a room full of second hand furniture in Canberra you need to sell and do not know where to begin. Consider giving us a call to make some extra money or to defray the costs of the new items you might be purchasing. We buy all types of vintage and uncommon used antique furniture from various periods and styles.

Industrial Design

We buy C20th or industrial design antiques, special industrial design items, ranging from antiques through mid-century to modern collections in Canberra, including furniture, lamps, chandeliers, paintings, sculptures, frames, vases, candlesticks and many more.We can handle larger collections too.


Advertising Collectables

We are always on the hunt for vintage advertising treasures of all kinds, including collections of old magazines, newspapers and leaflets, postcards, coasters, posters, vintage ads, porcelain and tin signs, celluloid pinbacks as well as vintage thermometers, mirrors, calendars, clocks, etc., advertising everything from food, soda-pop, Coca Cola, furniture and clothing to cars, movies and tobacco.

Asian Art

We are always looking for a variety of pieces, including paintings, fine art prints, sculptures, carved furniture, precious jade objects, vases, traditional imperial robes and other objects from different periods of Asian history.  

Australiana And Militaria

We buy all types of items, including Australian history books and ephemera, coins, medals, badges, war diaries, trench art and other militaria. We are also interested in Australiana and collectable pottery and stamps.

Books and Ephemera

We can offer you cash for both hardback and paperback editions, including rare, out-of-print, antiquarian titles, the classics, modern first editions, fine illustrated editions, as well as ephemera, rare periodicals, early advertising and magazines and other like objects… We prefer larger collections, but if you have something special we are happy to chat about it.


We are always looking for vintage cars including: old Holden and Ford, Monaro, Sandman, GTHO, Mustang, Chevy, Corvette, Leyland P76, Cortina, Torana, Celica, Audi, Ferrari, Porsche, Jaguar, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, and others from any period.


We buy coins and notes in any currency, as well as Gold, Silver and other precious metals. In addition to domestic coins, we are interested in all foreign coins including: US Dollars, British Pounds, Irish Pounds, Deutsche Marks, Canadian Dollars, Hong Kong Dollars, Japanese Yen, Swiss Francs, Spanish Pesetas, Mexican Pesos, Dutch Guilders, Chinese Yuan, etc.

Decorative Arts

We buy uncommon or special single items as well as a lifetime collection of decorative arts, including rugs, carpets, tapestry, embroidery, ceramics, pottery, art glass, mosaic art, European and oriental porcelain, chinoiserie, stained glass and silver as well as musical instruments, sporting memorabilia, sculpture and fine arts and much more.

Glass Collections

We are interested in purchasing any glassware of value, including: Murano, Depression, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Carnival, Early America Pattern and Pressed, Elegant, Flint, Art glass, Bohemian, British, German etc..

Jewelry and Watches

We buy all types of pre-owned, unused or even broken jewellery containing gold, silver, diamonds, and precious and semi-precious gemstones. We also purchase all types of watches, from antique to modern. No matter if you have a single special piece or an entire personal collection, get in touch with us and let us know what you have

License plates

We are interested in single uncommon number plates as well as entire collections.


We are always interested in buying lighting, including chandeliers, sconces, table and floor lamps, art glass, shades and fixtures from any era. We are also interested in contemporary lights.

Fine Arts

We buy paintings, sculptures, photographs, posters and prints, on a wide range of themes.

Star Wars

We are interested in Star Wars collectables and memorabilia from classical Kenner to modern Hasbro, including Star Wars action figures, statues and replicas, lightsabers, vehicles, bobble heads, LEGO Star Wars, etc.  We are also interested in buying all Star Wars merchandise such as clothing and apparel, comics and books, cards and games, watches, barware, desk accessories.


We buy collection of toys, including: vintage dolls, teddy bears, Action Man figures, Superman, Spiderman and other superhero toys, retro electronic and transformer toys, etc.,  From pull along, wind-up, friction and battery-operated toys to action figures, tin robots, LEGO and play sets, we buy them all.

Automobilia and Transport

We are interested in buying transport collectables, including licence plates, signs, passes, posters, roadmaps, historic vehicle photos, prints and paintings, uniforms, badges, hood ornaments and many more

Music and Related Record Collections

We buy all kinds of music and music related items, such as records & tapes, vintage audio equipment, memorabilia, T-shirts & posters. We purchase all genres of music, including classical, jazz, blues, rock’n’roll, soul, metal, punk, folk, international music and much more. As long as they are scratch free and clean, we are interested in your bulk record collection.

Wine Collections

We are always interested in buying properly cellared wines from France, Italy, California or any other parts of the world. These include vintage, wine name and producer, number and size of bottles as well as their condition (fill levels, label condition and signs of seepage) or any other information relevant to the value of the wine and bottles.

Chinese Art

We are always looking for fine Chinese art, ancient or modern, including painted plates, jars, bowls, wine and glass cups, chinoiserie, glass snuff bottles, vases, water colour scrolls, carved stamp seals, calligraphy seals, bangles, carved stones, censers, figurines and many more dating from various periods of Chinese history: Cheng Hua, Cheng-Te, Chia-Ching, Chien Lung, after Zhang Daqian, after Yu Zhizhen, after Qiuying and so on.

We pay cash and we can do it fast.