A Guide To Managing A Deceased Estate In Canberra

Saying goodbye to our dearest ones is the most painful experience for us all. Moreover, dealing with their former home is a difficult and complex part. Here, you will find how to make this process easier for you and your family.

What you should do first depends on the deceased estate’s ownership. If it is rented, you need to clear it and restore it in the shortest time possible. Unfortunately, this could be a lengthy process if your loved one lived there for more decades.

If the property was owned by the deceased, before even deciding about its future, make sure you know that all legalities are in order. If there is a testament and last will, this process is usually straightforward. However, if this is not a case, be prepared to apply for a probate in court which can take a long time.

Once probate is obtained, you should decide whether you want to rent the property, sell it or reside in it. As this is not an easy decision to make, we recommend you to rent it out. This will give you more time to make your final decision. Also, the rental income will be enough to pay for the property’s bills in the coming months.  
No matter what you decide, your loved one’s belongings should be removed and this can be the most emotional part after their departure.  Each possession can be a trigger for a memory. 

This is where the Deceased Estate Service in Canberra comes in. First, we will put on side all things left in the will for family and friends. The next step is creating an inventory of all other belongings. You are the one who will decide what it should be done with it – whether you want to sell it, donate it or dispose it and we will do it for you. 

If you are selling or renting the estate, making it presentable for prospective buyers or tenants should be your next step. To take the burden off you and your mourning family, we are here to organize everything that is needed to make your estate ready for sale or rental. We have years of experience to understand the area well and to know that the most important part is appreciating your timeframes and emotions. 

Nobody wants to think about their loved one’s departure or what happens after. However, knowing what comes next will prepare you better for the most difficult times, making your mourning period a bit easier or, at least, less complicated.
Dealing with a dearest one’s death is difficult in itself, but managing their estate should not be – we will take care of it.



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