Help Your Dearest Ones – Hoarding Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning up a hoarder’s mess is one of the most difficult things that you can experience. As the hoarder is most likely a close friend or relative of yours, there is an emotional moment that you need to deal with when faced with this difficult anxiety disorder. Also, all those places are usually infested with insects, mice, rats, mould and bacteria by which you can easily be exposed to a variety of biohazards. All together, these things make whole hoarding cleanup in Canberra not only time consuming, but also draining. Here are some tips that will help you go through the process easier and make the results longer lasting.

To be able to get rid of the accumulated piles of junk, you need to take quick and efficient measures which will bring healthy living conditions back to the hoarder’s property. However, it takes a lot of patience and compassion to help the affected person to defeat this severe anxiety and go back to a normal daily routine. You need to convince them that they should actively take part in cleanup which can help them keep their space clean and tidy in the future. Also, there are many special treatment programs that you can encourage them to sign up for. 

When it comes to the cleaning process itself, make sure you secure help as it is too difficult to conduct it all on your own.

Hoarding cleanup in Canberra includes removing loads of garbage, intensive cleaning of large areas, classifying the hoarder’s items, sometimes even repairing house damages and this is physically exhausting. Also, in case of pest infestation, mould and animal waste, you should take care of your safety first. These situations often require the expertise of a professional hoarding cleanup company, so do not hesitate to call on them for help. 

Before professionals come, think thoroughly what you can manage on your own and how you can take advantage of their work in order to save money. Prioritizing the work is not that easy, but take some time to decide what should be done first as well as how to protect yourself. To prevent exposure to biohazards, make sure that you always have gloves and a face mask on. Also, as hoarder’s items can include some flammable materials, have a fire extinguisher always at hand. A repellent spray will help you against a number of pests that you may come across as well as a flashlight to see clearly through the mess. As you do not know what is there, you can easily hurt yourself, so we recommend that you also secure a first aid kit.



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