The Importance of Setting a Time Limit for Deceased Estate Clearance

When a close person dies, you are not always given enough time to grieve before you need to clean out their house and decide what to do with your loved one’s belongings. Depending on the relationship of the loss, you may need many months before you are emotionally ready to start the process. However, the amount of time given usually depends on many factors which you cannot change. It can happen that you are unable to carry on paying utilities and taxies on the property. If it is a rental one, the landlord may insist it is cleaned out within 30 days. Even though the whole process may seem, and actually is, overwhelming, breaking it down into smaller steps will allow you to do it quickly, within a set time frame.

It is much better to have a specific date as a deadline rather than a vague time limit, especially if more family members are involved. Having an exact date will create a greater sense of urgency and help you clean out your deceased estate in Canberra much faster, even if you need to deal with difficult emotions.

If you have a tight deadline, it is much easier and faster to rely on a professional appraiser with regard your loved one’s belongings. It takes one visit only to find out about valuable items that can be sold, leaving you with all the rest that can be shared within the family.

Once you know which items are to be sold, put them away and deal with them later. Dividing up the remaining items can be the most stressful experience during the process. No matter how well you are prepared, the possessions will bring back the memories and pain which comes with it, slowing down your work. Having close people around will make you feel better. If there are no tensions in the family, select a day and invite all your relatives to choose from items what they want keep for themselves. 

Making yourself busy by cleaning out your deceased estate quickly can help you with your grieving. But remember to be kind to yourself. Avoid putting additional pressure on you and get some help whenever you need it. If there are still some usable items left, find a charity and arrange a pick up. For everything that is left, rent a dumpster or hire a junk removal company. This is the easiest and quickest way to complete the job, especially if you have a set time limit. And, do not feel bad about getting rid of the unusable objects. We are sure that you will still have some treasured items left to keep fond memories of your loved one.



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